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Aspen Lane - A VR University Project

The result of a 12 week student project which I had the pleasure of working on with a talented group of artists.
Our Team:
Michael Neocleous (Art Director / Lighting Artist)

Theo Rust (Producer / Prop Artist / Environment Art)

Palagamsan Sivapathasundaram (Tech Art)

Zuquiel Abrahams (Environment Art)

Alex Crisan (Prop Artist)

Bridget Wright (Prop Artist / Setdressing)

Tyrone Harper (Prop Artist)

Florin Iasinovschi (Prop Artist)

Maxim Isakov (Environment Artist)

Kei Garner (VFX Artist / Voice Actress)
Jeffry Siguencia (Environment Artist)
Tim Golton (Music)
And Myself.