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Covent Garden Culture Chambers - A Bioshock London Project

This project was a 12-week group project, completed during our studies at Escape Studios.
Our brief was to create a BioShock style DLC based somewhere within the city of London.

Our Team
Sapphire Taylor - Producer / Foliage / Prop Artist
Zuquiel Abrahams - Art Director / Environment art / Lighting Artist
David Batog - Texture / Voice actor / Audio / Prop Artist
Shaun Croucher - Technical Artist/ Prop Artist
Laerte Spoor Geminiani - Environment / Prop Artist
Kei Garner - VFX / Prop Artist
Bridget Wright - Set dressing / Prop Artist
Maxim Isakov - Environment Artist / Prop Artist
Zachary Creer - Environment Artist/Prop Artist